Workload management & staff-company allocations:

  • Workload scheduling right there on the home page
  • Email reminders for critical filing dates (Your prompting period plus 7 days, 1 day, On date and recently overdue for CH annual return and accounts but also CT and HMRC) The emails also provide an extract of the most urgent jobs on your home-page workload report)
  • Critical dates report sorted on any filing date or all filing dates, includes HMRC dates as well as CH.
  • Annual Return client checklists and file copies
  • Multi-office, multiple staff scenarios fully catered for, no charge for extra accounts.
  • Allocate companies to staff and manage workloads
  • Unlimited user log ins, with varying levels of access to data, administrator, update and read only.
  • Archive for companies no-long required on a lie ist but you wish to retain records. Everything held is archived including work and filing history and instantly viewable and restorable on the archive lists. Auto deleted (if you want) after eight years to reduce legacy cost management
  • No unnecessary references to companies or people
  • Detailed PDF datasheets for companies and formations
  • Search and filter companies, deadlines and personnel on any criteria
  • Large Print PDF Registered Office report (for reception)
  • Companies and personnel/corporate officers & shareholders in proper separate lists with simple clickable connectivity and “change once for all” editing.
  • Copy any address to anywhere, from anywhere in a single click.
  • Full and instant on-screen analysis of personnel and corporate entities connected to a company
  • Full and instant on-screen analysis of companies connected to given people or corporate entities.