FirstOrder – fully web based and definitely fully connected to Companies House, checking data and e-filing in real time. Obvious! Companies House are web based themselves! FirstOrder was the first cloud based CS system, is the only one with integrated formation and was written specifically for CA2006. New features and connectivity appear all the time but no one has ever had to install a new version, do a back-up, configure a network or call in-house tech support.

Sign on from anywhere with internet access, there are no restrictions on numbers of users or companies. Work in multiple offices or even at home or out of hours. As soon as you are logged in the home page immediately shows your workload and filing deadlines, together with summary data of your currently loaded company. Two mouse clicks later and FirstOrder is creating a  live web page comparing your critical filing dates, registered office addresses and SIC codes with Companies House data and providing links to click on where there are any differences, to update them there and then. Oh yes, that’s ALL of your companies in a single real-time audit! All, updated by links, there and then and not a single key pressed on the keyboard yet!

For further information contact paul@fcls.co.uk or ring direct on 07825 704604