The First Order Secretarial system is priced by the company. There is no “buying in blocks” unlike most of our competitors.

Prices depend on the number of companies administered and start from £6.80 per Company to £2.00 per Company. Please contact Paul@fcls.co.uk for a quotation.

CLOUD STORAGE                                      £53.00

Archived companies                                 60p a year

Prices are plus vat.

Contact Paul Dunn at paul@fcls.co.uk for further information or phone direct on 07825 704604

The FirstOrder archive is a place where the complete company record (everything- all the data, including the work done record, documents, and filing history) can be retained for record keeping purposes, without cluttering up your live lists. Archived companies remain completely accessible and can be restored instantly but they are automatically deleted after 8 years (unless you say otherwise) so you won’t be charged for unnecessary legacy record keeping.

Cloud Storage

The cloud library option is a plug-in for your FirstOrder account which ensures that every key document you produce with FirstOrder is automatically deposited in the cloud. Each document is clearly indexed with its name, time and date of creation and the staff member who created the document. You can easily find and view your douments through FirstOrder by viewing the whole library or by filtering by company. Effectively, the contents of the company secretarial filing cabinet are now automatically placed in the cloud for secure, permanent storage and easy access.

Documents are in saved in familiar formats, with downloads from FirstOrder opening in the correct host software, such as a PDF reader or Word.

E-filed documents, which are simply a data transmission and therefore have no viewable format, are stored efficiently and clearly in “datasheet” form rather than the unweildy alternative of burying the useful data in the unnecessarily verbose Companies House paper form equivalents.

If you archive old companies, all the cloud documents are also saved and restore with the company should you need recover it. Furthermore, any document requiring a signature can be downloaded and sent to the client and once signed and returned, the scanned copy can be uploaded to the cloud in place of the original system generated document.