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This is a field of activity that is assuming greater importance for clients who seek protection of their name, service, logo or trading style. This often complex area of name protection is explained in detail by our experienced personnel. Fees are charged in stages enabling our clients to cost searches more accurately.

For further guidance visit our Trade Mark Information Page or to request our Trade Mark guide phone us on 029-2022-9080, send an email tograham@fcls.co.uk.

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 Trade Mark Searches £50 + VAT
Word or Logo or a combination of the two. For a general infringement search reporting on any marks registered which may be identical or similar to that of a proposed mark.

 Trade Mark Registration Duty* £200.00

 Preparing and filing of a new application* £190 + VAT

 Additional Class Registration £50.00
The above covers one application covering one class. Additional classes can be covered in a single application.

 Renewals £50.00
A Trade Mark is initially registered for 10 years and must be renewed every 10 years.

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